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About Us

This is where it gets interesting. Nearly 40 years ago, Jack was a successful marketing manager. Bitten by the “work for yourself” bug, he took a chance and opened a retail store.

This created opportunity, but as anyone that’s ever faced dynamic growth knows, it’s an expensive proposition.

Banks saw too much risk, Credit Card Companies thought Computers were too high of a risk and a complete unknown. Every time Jack turned a corner, he was met with someone supposedly older and wiser saying it can’t be done.

Fast forward to the new Millennium, and Jack not only grew the business, but managed to do so in a cash environment that allowed him to buy and grow other businesses, including a fine dining restaurant, a full service auto center, car washes, tanning salons, plumbing and heating, video and more.

Retiring in 2017, and after playing Cowboys and Indians in Wyoming, Jack returned to his home and created a company that would say YES to those businesses facing the same type of circumstances he faced.

Our Team

Talent and Experience. It’s an incredible mix bringing success to everything we touch. Why not give us a call and find out how we can help you grow your business.

One of our most revered thoughts and the centerpiece of the Jack Scott Company is that we NEVER take our eye off the customer. In fact, we see through the customers own eyes to help envision what their future could look like, and then help them realize those dreams for themselves. It’s simple, basic, business 101. The Customer is always right, and when the customer is wrong, see rule #1.