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Why Jack Scott???

Business at the Speed you Need

Immediate. Now. Today. That's what we do and how we do it. When you've got a need for business, you can't afford to wait. That's exactly why you need US. For 35 Plus years, we've navigated the dangerous back waters of doing business. We understand what it takes to succceed today, and we're willing to invest in your success.

There is no long wait time, no wondering how things will go. We make it simple, we do it all for you!

Your money in your bank account the very next morning, we GUARANTEE it.

From Equipment to Financing, loans to gift cards, We do it all. One stop Merchant Service Shopping!

It's not business for us, it's personal. When is the last time you've seen your Credit Card Rep?

You DON'T have to settle EVER Again

Jack Scott Merchant Services is contracted with multiple ISO vendors so we can shop for YOUR BEST DEAL. We don't have to settle for an almost good deal when there is a perfect solution out there for you.

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