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A Culture of Caring

We’ve heard about “Word of Mouth” advertising for years. I have a different name for it and I find that it’s easily managed, but it does take some effort.

In our last blog episode, we talked about relationship building and growing our existing customers. In the process of doing this, if you love on your relationships well enough, you get the gold standard in word of mouth advertising….a referral….or many.

Truth is, if you genuinely CARE about your customers and TAKE god care of them, they’ll feel the love, and they’ll repay you with referrals to their friends and fellow customers.

It costs nothing to be nice, not a red cent. More than that, it’s easy to pick up the phone once in a while, or drop by if you’re in the neighborhood, just to say HI and see “how things are going.”

Can you help them in any way? Do they need anything? Do you have a new service or product that they might be interested in?

If so, you might just find that customer investing more in and with you, and as a result, feeling the relationship “juice” as I call it, and sending referrals to you because, well, you’re “their guy” (or gal) and you’ve proven to them that you care.

It’s hard to find someone that really works hard and truly cares, and when you find that person, you really want to take care of the relationship. That’s when the magic happens.

In today’s world of fast in and fast out, a caring culture is worth it’s weight in gold.

You’ll find, with a mere five minute investment in your customer, they’ll spend more with you and help you grow your customer base.

Compare that with thousands in advertising, buying leads, buying mail lists, sending out emails that no one reads, etc.

Spend time, not money, and you’ll grow faster than you ever thought possible.

Till next time!


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