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Getting Dirty!

We stumbled onto a new vertical yesterday. I guess I knew it existed, but for sure had no idea of the sheer volume that it was capable of.

It made me think about what else I’m missing….like I didn’t KNOW there were things out there I haven’t had time to attack.

However, the Timber and Land Management Business wasn’t even close to being on my neighbors radar, let alone mine.

Moral of this story is to think outside of the box. As business people we get “stuck” in our own little rut, thinking “we’ve got this” when we’ve overlooked 100 different ways to improve and increase our business just by peeking over the top of our own little dirt pile to see who else is out there fighting the same fight.

Our business thrives on restaurants, auto repair shops, and retail stores. I’d just NEVER thought to peek out at the woods to see what’s going on, or in this case, coming down.

Amazing what can happen when you open your eyes and see past the low hanging fruit.

I’d encourage you all to do the same…and BTW, just so we’re clear, if you happen to see me in my sand pile minding my own business, DON’T be afraid to throw something at me and let’s see how we can help one another.



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