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Imagine your surprise.

Our business is an interesting dichotomy.

First off, we don’t “sell” anything. Nothing. We operate in a service industry where our goal is to save a merchant money. PERIOD.

On the other hand, this is the most “dog-eat-dog” business I’ve seen. It seems like every mothers son is out there “selling” their credit card processing systems.

The other aspect of this is, the more I save a merchant, the more I earn.

Go figure!!! If I’d discovered this business 30 years ago, I would have never put myself through all of those years of managing employees, solving global issues, etc.

I’d be younger, thinner and more beautiful. LOL!

Or not.

So what is it that sets “US” apart from “them?”

I can’t speak for every competitor, and more than that, I’ve never been a player in the run the other guys down crowd. Just not my style.

I think, however, Years of Experience, hopefully wisdom FROM that experience, a true FAITH in the mission of saving people cash vs a slash and dash mentality, well….they all combine to make your experience with us, just a bit different.

We believe in a White Glove experience. We provide a level of service unparralled in our industry.

Imagine calling your existing credit card company? How long would you be on hold? How many times would you have to punch in numbers, answer questions, and listen to bad music until you reached someone in India or wherever?

Then go to our website, call our toll free number, and surprise yourself with no hold, no music an an immediate friendly voice ready to answer your questions and solve your problems.

And it’s NO AI…it’s a REAL human being.

Go ahead and try it. I’ll wait.

We ARE different. We WILL save you money. We WILL please you with our level of service.

Imagine your surprise.


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