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Life is a Highway

It’s a cool holiday weekend in the great northeast. Not cool as in “the cool kids,” cool as in the 50’s. Fall is close at hand, winter can’t be far away and it’s time to think about beating the snow and cold.

Up here, cold is C-O-L-D!!! January can bring -30 to -40 degree temps, blowing wind and more snow. I recall being told by my father that it’s not really a storm until you can’t find the car….and yes, I’ve seen that!

We have Florida plans beginning the second week of December, but we’re looking seriously at Motorhomes thinking life on wheels might be the way to go.

Think about it. Go wherever you want to go, stay as long as you want to stay, leave when you’re darned good and ready moving on to the next fun place.

And closing business along the way, making new friends, learning new things, and fun. Did I mention fun?

Saturday I turned 68. I think it’s about time for some actual fun.

My wife agrees, lol.

I think the pups do too, although Winnie could care less as long as Mommy is there. Sophie has fun chewing anything she can find anywhere she can find it…but we’re quietly hoping that she’ll grow out of that stage.

Sophie, as you might guess, is still a puppy. At about 18 weeks old, she’s still a dog in progress. She understands the POINT of the puppy pads, she’s just not yet convinced they’re a great idea. She loves the outdoors, she’s just so curious that you can’t trust her not to head out on the highway….or on a magic carpet ride.

Winnie, at nearly 9 years old, just can’t be bothered. Give me a Good Girl Treat, let me out once in a while, and make sure the Mommy’s is around for lots of love and she’s fine.

Winnie doesn’t care for Sophie too much. She can’t figure out, for the life of her, WHY we had to go and get another dog…and worse, a puppy that just bothers her to no end.

Sophie doesn’t get the “hard to get” thing much either….she wants to play, and if something she wants to play with is not available, then she wants it all the more.

Sound familiar????

And to think…we got Sophie to keep Winnie company, when we’re out on the road working.

Sorry Winnie.

Maybe we’ll cross paths out the road.

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