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Whether it actually happens or not, the “talk” about it alone is driving the economy.

There’s an old saying: “Perception is reality.”

What that means is simple. If I’m wearing a blue shirt, and you’re colorblind and see a yellow shirt, your perception of the color of my shirt becomes your reality. I can TELL you that it’s blue, but YOU still see yellow.

Simple stuff.

What happens in a recession is all too clear.

Car and home sales plummet. New home starts deteriorate.

But it doesn’t mean everything goes to heck in a handbasket.

Here’s what we DO know.

Gun sales, Auto Repair & Body Shops continue to grow and prosper.

The restaurant business suffers, but grocery sales and convenience store sale tend to soar.

In other words, at the expense of some businesses, others grow because people will fix their old cars instead of buy that new or used one they’ve been thinking about.

Gun sales soar over fear that your neighbor will take what you have.

Out of the gloom of the news comes opportunity for some and it’s been that way forever.

If you happen to be in one of those so called “recession proof” businesses, there’s gold in them thar hills!

Simple stuff really.

Fear over the future drives people inwards and makes them rethinking major purchases and they believe that saving that money and fixing stuff around the house is the best investment.

Interest rates will adjust upwards because the Fed will want to “get control” of the economy when the fact of the matter is, the ONLY thing that really drives the economy is:

YOU, the American Consumer.

Your outlook on the immediate future will drive the immediate future.

In the middle of all of that, for businesses that need to look inward, there’s yet another opportunity.

Saving Money.

That’s what happens in a recession. People put their hard earned cash under the mattress, in a tin can buried in the back yard and businesses start looking to save every dollar they can so they can survive the impending “doom.”

This is THE TIME for every business, large or small, to take stock of every dime they’re spending on things. Advertising needs to be checked, turn off the heat or AC for a bit every day, squeeze every nickel out of expenses so as to preserve whatever is left of the bottom line.

The TRUTH is, we should all do that ALL THE TIME, recession or not, but we don’t. We react to good news with spending, bad news to squeezing.

One of the easiest things to fix, and oddly enough one of the BIGGEST SAVINGS opportunity, is what you spend every month to do simple things.

Like process CREDIT CARDS.

Pull out your monthly processing statement. Take a good hard look at what you are spending.


I caution you, sit down when you do this. You’re going to discover that you’re spending a boatload of money to accept credit cards.

We’ll all be tempted to say, “oh my God!” That will be followed by thinking, “We should only take cash.”

That worked, even in the 80’s and 90’s, but in todays business environment, it will kill your business.

You use your credit card today to buy stuff at lawn sales. If you think the American Consumer will suddenly run to the bank and carry 100’s in their pockets, you’d be wrong.

So HOW DO YOU turn this expense into profit?

That’s where we come in.

We can show you EXACTLY how to do just that, saving


Reach out if you’re interested. You’ll be SHOCKED at how easy it is.


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