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The “Good Old Days”

Growing up in an uber small town, you kinda “knew” what was going on with everyone around….and yet no one put up billboards or signs around town talking about you.

On the other hand, as a child, any mother along my “route” to and from school would come out of the door and grab hold of you if you were misbehaving.

Trust me, THAT word got back to the “fam” pretty quickly, and there WAS some “after action” to report.

Today, everybody “talks” about everybody else, pushed all the buttons they can, and they enjoy doing it. Oh, they’d post a photo on FB of a kid action up…but break up a fight? Intervene in something “going down?”

Not a chance.

While there’s great truth in realizing that the world has changed and often not for the better, I think we’re missing that view from the front porch where people just genuinely CARED about one another.

All people care about today is getting a video of whatever happened so they can get their jollies posting on Social Media.

Our business is a LOT like the good old days. We watch out for our customers, warn them if we see something going on, and they reward us with referrals.

It’s not enough to just provide a service, you really need to follow up, make sure everyone’s ok, and look out for them so they can be proactive to an issue instead of having it sneak up and bite them on the bum.

Trading in “other peoples money” is a sacred trust, one we take very seriously, and we never betray that trust.

Give us a call. We’ll show you how the “good old days” still work for you.

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