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Growing your business

For anyone who has been in business more than a couple of weeks, you (we) KNOW that this is the hardest job we’ll ever love (and sometimes hate).

Working for yourself is a chore, usually because the “boss” has a very narrow view of what the business is all about….and worse….we think if we want it done right, WE have to do it ourselves.

The longer you stay in business, the worse that problem will become, and the more you’ll pay for it.

The other issue is that we get tunnel vision about “HOW” we do things. We lock in and lock down on the old “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” mentality, and it winds up costing us a boatload of cash.

In the world today, with technology (along with most everything else including prices) changing minute to minute, what you thought you knew, is usually a decade old before the end of the first year.

The next, nearly inevitable thing is we decide we need to raise prices and/or borrow some cash to be able to grow, or at least maintain.

We we most often FORGET is that before you look outwards for growth potential, it’s much more cost effective to look inwards.

A classic example of this is that it costs FAR LESS to keep and grow a customer than it does to go out and get another.

I’ve found, over the years….and statistics prove me right, that you can grow an existing customer by simply providing the best service and product (even if your price is a bit higher) AND building a relationship with that customer.

In today’s throw away society, we work out, instead of in, and it’s a classic business mistake.

I spend most of my days talking with businesspeople. That’s what I do for a living and I often find that when I explain these principles, I build true friendships and valued relationships.

More than that, we’re able to save most customers a ton of money. From customer to customer it will vary anywhere from a few hundred a month, to 30,000.00 dollars in a month.

THAT is REAL cash IN YOUR POCKET that allows you to grow without external loans and extra expenses that you can’t easily cover.

Growing a business in not a science, but there ARE immutable principles that enter in. If you find yourself looking for answers, give me a call.

It’s what we do, and to be perfectly honest….we’re damned good at it.

Happy Trails!

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