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The VALUE of being a Broker

There is a significant difference between being an “agent” for an ISO and being and ISO “broker.”

An agent represents a single ISO with one set of pricing structure and rules. Every deal, no matter the size or scope, is written to the same specs using the same pricing structure (although variable within that structure). Equipment may or may not be free, depending on the ISO, etc. In other words, it’s more of a “one size fits all” thought process that doesn’t leave a lot of room for Merchants to negotiate to THEIR benefit.

More than that, as an agent, the rep has to always represent the interests of the ISO. It’s a locked in deal and if they step outside of it, they’re looking for a job.

As a BROKER with multiple ISOs, We are able to look at each individual Merchant, match them to a program that fits their exact needs, price them across multiple platforms, and then write the business so that the Merchant gets the best bang for their buck.

Free sounds really good, until or unless there are buried upcharges and costs in the deal. Most folks, not in our business, will have difficulty finding those or even making sense out of the metadata buried between the lines.

OUR JOB, is to NEVER allow that to happen to a client. We are YOUR ADVOCATE, not the ISOs.

We want to be sure, 100% of the time, that our offer to you is the best you’re going to find, no matter the language. In fact, we choose our ISO partners based on the fact that there ISN’T any metadata to worry about.

Flat pricing, variable pricing, Cash Discount, Interchange, whatever….we make SURE you’re paying as low a price as is humanly possible. We may even find, after some time with us, that we come across a better deal….don’t worry, we’ll call you and give you the option to lower your costs.

That’s who we are, and WHY we Broker deals rather than represent an ISO’s interest.

C’ya ’round!

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